Meeting your expectations

Meeting your expectations

Are you also tired to pay for things you don‘t want in the first place?

We are looking forward to discuss with you what you expect from your personal African journey.

How do you prefer to travel?

– solo
– in a group
– camping
– private lodge
– walking
– driving
– adventure
– budget
– luxury

tell us what you like
How do you prefer to travel?

Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro

We can combine the above in a way that fits your needs and you will experience what you pay for. We believe that each person is unique and worth to be treated uniquely.

We don’t offer one-fits-all-solutions, but personalized experiences. Since we don’t know what you prefer we need to talk to you before we can put together an offer. If you contact us here we will come back to you and talk about your expectations.


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Florian and Stella of Django.Tours are exceptionally committed to serve their clients and realize the most amazing experience possible. Service TOP!

Judith H.

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Steffi Medical Doctor Kilimanjaro, Meru, Safari 23/07/2019

This year I went on Mount Meru, Safari and Kilimanjaro with Django.Tours.
One of the first things that comes to mind when I think about the trip is:


A very special form of freedom: freedom from everyday life, the constraints of civilization with all modern achievements.
On the hikes you are forced to deal with yourself and to refer back to the simple things of life: where and what do we eat, when do we sleep, where can I go to the toilet?

I never had to push my limits so far. I can recommend this type of travel to anyone who would like to break out of their everyday life.
Thanks to Django.Tours for the smooth organization from pickup at the airport to accommodation and selection of a great team that has brought us to the summit.
Especially the local organization of Stella and Chacha was sensational and incredibly nice and professional.


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