Experience the amazing feeling on Kilimanjaro and see the sunrise standing on the TOP OF AFRICA

kilimanjaro at night

A Kilimanjaro ascent is like a journey to yourself. Are you ready?

• you want to stand on top of Africa

• you are physically fit for a multiday hike

• you are willing to push your limits

• you are looking for an experience you will never forget

Let us plan your Kilimanjaro summit together. There are countless of different options and we want to make sure you book the right one for you.

We decided to give you all the options possible so we can put together the right tour for you.

When you tell us what you expect and want to experience we will find a tour that fits you.

Especially the grade of service you want on your trip will make the price differ. The less experienced in travelling in general, in Africa and in mountaineering you are the more sense it makes to book a higher grade of service. The more luxury you inquire before, during and after the hike makes another difference. Once again, there is no right or wrong, it just has to meet your needs.

Therefore it is so important for us to talk to you. Let us know what you want.

The following effects the price:

  • which route
    • Lemosho
    • Machame
    • Marangu
    • Rongai
    • Umbwe
  • 5 or up to 9 days
  • solo or group
  • airport transfer
  • European guide
  • class of hotel
  • tips for guides and porters

Depending on the options, the length and the group size you choose your prize will range between 1300,-€ and 3000,-€ per person.

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves!

Sir Edmund Hillary
I still get goosebumps

Looking back on this climb I still get goosebumps reliving this incredible experience. After the exhausting climb of Mt Meru it seemed almost imposible to climb 1600m higher to the top of Africa. The exceptional organisation, the very trustworthy team of guides and the mind-blowing presence of Kilimanscharo itself made this trip an unforgettable and Continue Reading

How Django.Tours is offering the best service for you

  • custom tailored for you
  • you will get what you expect and want to afford
  • we work together with different local partners and are therefor flexible on how we combine the tours
  • Florian, one of the owners does the planning via phone with you
  • Stella, one of the owners will take care for you in Tanzania
  • you choose yourself how much you want to be taken care of

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