sahara (packing list)

packing list

What you need, when you go on a vacation or a journey is individually very different. I will give some recommendations, but in the end you will have to decide what kind of comfort you are willing to carry around with you as you will have to carry your personal belongings in your backpack.

When you look at our friends and guides who were born in the desert, they carry more or less only the cloth on their body plus a blanket or sleeping bag for the night.

Before we start with the list keep in mind that:

  • you have to carry your personal belongings in a bagpack (pack light)
  • we will walk twice a day between 2-4 hours each (use shoes you trust)
  • we walk in the sun without shade (sun protection)
  • you will have sand everywhere (might not go well with suncream)
  • we will have no shower from monday morning to friday afternoon (non-stinky cloth make sense)
  • the ground changes from rocky to sandy (choose shoes that go well with sand, leather or sandals)
  • we sleep under the open sky around a campfire, the coldest will be. under 10 degrees in the mornings (only sleeping bag, needed, mattress only for personal comfort)
  • we will eat three times a day, snacks in between need to be taken care of individualy
  • water will be provided but you will need a bootle at hand that you can refill each hour
  • bagpack (I have a small 15l bag as I take no mattress and my sleeping bag is quite small)
  • hiking boots (leather)
  • sandals or flipflops
  • sleeping bag (best 0-5 degrees comfort temperature)
  • isolation mattress
  • 1 pair of long and light pants
  • 2 pair of long sleeves (to be always able to change to a dry one, consider merino)
  • enough underwear that lets you walk comfortably for 5 days
  • enough socks (that go well with your shoes)
  • 1 windbreaker jacket in case it gets chili in the evening
  • sunglasses
  • hat (or you buy a turban in m’hamid  which is highly recommended)
  • soap, towel, toothbrush etc.
    cream for sore skin
  • sun creme
  • blister tape
  • desinfektion (for blisters or cuts)
  • minerals
  • Ibuprofen
  • snacks, nuts, powerfood
  • drinking bottle to carry with you
  • dry bags (for electronics or equipment that need to stay sand proove)
  • headlamp (it will be pitch black int he night)
  • passport (6month valid)
  • credit card (atm in marrakesh and on the way