Mount Meru

The little brother of Kilimanjaro and the 4th highest peak in Africa

Mount Meru is perfect for acclimatization or a beautiful summit without the need to pass the 5000m altitude.

Summiting Mount Meru

One of the most beautiful mountain hikes that you can do in East Africa and you will love it, if:

  • 👍 you want to acclimatize for Kilimanjaro
  • 👍 you want to see the sun rise behind Kilimanjaro and above Africa
  • 👍 you want to make the most amazing pictures of Kilimanjaro
  • 👍 you prefer the beauty of the hike in comparison to the height of the mountain
  • 👍 you like the excitement of a walking safari through Arusha Nationalpark

Tell us, what is important to you

There are different options on and around Mount Meru and we want to make sure the tour meets your expectations

Our main goal is that you enjoy your experience.

The following effects the price:

  • who carries your backpack
  • only Meru or also Kili
  • how much time do you want to spend
  • which kind of hotel before and after the hike
  • airport pickup
  • tips for porters and guides included

Depending on the length, the group size and the service chosen, the prize will range from 1000€ to 1500€.

I can‘t remember a single morning in Africa, that I didn‘t wake up happy!

Ernest Hemingway
a humbling experience

Climbing Mt Meru was a humbling experience and scary at first as I have never climbed a moutnain that high (6400m). I wasn’t sure what to expect. The guides and their team though were amazing and so knowledgeable that I completely trusted them to guide us up the mountain and back down again safely. The most amazing memories from this climb are the views on Mt Kilimanscharo from Little Meru and the steep ridges at the peak with the clouds rushing over them.

How Django.Tours is offering you the best service possible

  • custom tailored for you
  • you will get what you expect and want to afford
  • we work together with different local partners and are therefor flexible on how we combine the tours
  • Florian, one of the owners does the planning via phone with you
  • Stella, one of the owners will take care for you in Tanzania
  • you choose yourself how much you want to be taken care of

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