3 – on your climb

3 – on your climb

Depending on what kind of service you booked our joined experience will start at a different point. We are going to present the entire service package and you (mentally) cross of the list all the items that you organize for yourself.


When you arrive at the airport a driver of ours will already wait for you outside. You have to go through the immigration process and pay via credit card 50$ if you are European and 100$ if you are American citizen. After that you’ll need to go through the package screening and welcome to Tanzania.

If you plan to pay for anything on the trip let the driver know and you’ll stop at an ATM to get local currency (Tanzanian Shilling). The Hotels will accept Dollars and Credit Card as well. While on tour with us you won’t need cash.


Depending on what we agreed on for the Hotel, our driver will drop you at the Hotel near Arusha or Moshi.

The day before you start your summit somebody of our guide team will come to the Hotel and give you a final briefing.

The first morning of your hike, you’ll be picked up at the Hotel, probably by the entire team. You’ll know the details the evening before.

On the climb

You’ll have most likely several guides with you as we guarantee that you group can split up at any time to go an own speed or even decent and every individual always has a guide by the side.

On Mount Meru you’ll stay in group lodges because there are wild animals mainly buffalos around and you won’t be allowed to be alone without an armed ranger until a certain hight.

On Mount Kilimanjaro you’ll most likely sleep in tents. There is also a route with lodges but it is the most crowded and not the prettiest route. Our team will be much faster than you and dissemble the camp after you left, pass you at some point and prepare the camp before you arrive.

They prepare the food, water, tea and also a lunch snack for you. You’ll need to carry a reusable water bottle that you can have refilled regularly.

For our tours we take safety first. Much more important than pushing the limits and reaching the summit is to return in safety and good health.

When you walk different speeds there will always be a guide with you. If anything happens they will either guide you to the next place that a car can reach or organize a helicopter for you. The insurance for that is included in the price.

In case of altitude sickness, there are different variations, starting from a light headache to severe headache or even disorientation. When you and your guide come to the conclusion that it is not save to continue you will decent immediately. When the altitude sickness is very light or just starting, you can try to wait if it gets better or take special altitude sickness medicine like Diamox. It is best to consult your doctor prior to the trip and maybe even start taking Diamox as a precaution.

Summit day

Summit day will start early in the morning, depending on your fitness level between 1 and 3am on the second last day of your trip. You will reach the crater rim by sunrise and can continue in the first daylight to Uhuru Peak the highest point of Africa.
After you reached the Summit you will decent to the last camp, Barafu for breakfast and then continue your descent until you reach the rain forest again.

On your last day you will only have a half day descent to the gate were you will be picked up and brought back to your hotel after a lunch. Now it is time to celebrate, rest and get ready for the next adventure in Tanzania.

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