Django‘s Guesthouse

Django‘s Kilimanjaro Guesthouse

Are you also a person, who likes to be treated as a long term friend, when staying somewhere?

Louis, chevalier de Jaucourt describes hospitality in the Encyclopédie as: the virtue of a great soul that cares for the whole universe through the ties of humanity.

Louis, chevalier de Jaucourt

Staying with friends

I have the best memories of the times and the places where I visited a place for the first time and was welcome as if I was a family member coming home. That is how I want you to feel when visiting our Adventure Lodge.

Especially when being on a vacation it can make the major difference on how you are treated by the people that you are staying with. Our Adventure Lodge on Kilimanjaro is aiming for exactly that: To be a small and family run guesthouse, situated on the foot of the mountain at 1,600m (5,250ft), with a huge garden, the possibility to put up your tent, have a barbecue and chill on the huge balconies as if you are staying with your best friends.

Adventure Lodge

We are huge fans of guesthouses that were transformed from living houses. When space is not optimized for maximum efficiency and guests, owners and employees are not separated it creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Therefor we are slowly building this place into a family style adventure Lodge. To us „family style“ means to create an atmosphere where you feel at home and where is plenty of public space to be yourself so that your stay is not limited to a room, but the living area, the terrace and the huge garden area.

Adventure is in our opinion a mind set. When you are open to discover something new and curious to find out what you‘ll find behind the obvious. We have an adventurous mindset are looking forward to show you a piece of Africa outside travel prospects.

We started in mid 2022 with a couple of rooms and a camping area mainly for groups and individuals that plan to hike Kilimanjaro or go on safari and take our place as a basecamp for the expeditions.

Management makes the difference

As we are organizing trips throughout all of Tanzania, we are coming across a lot of other Hotels. Some are clean but anonymous, others have nicer architecture but unfriendly staff. In very rare cases you‘ll find the owner and the management living on the same property. You can tell the difference immediately when somebody in charge is taking care of the place as if it was there own.

Not for everyone

Estella, one part of the team behind Django.Tours is living with her family on the same property and basically you are at here home.

The entire basement floor and the entire garden area is open for public. Estella and her family are living upstairs and have their place connected to the guest house.

When you are looking for a newly constructed, air-conditioned place with a pool and seated dining, this will not be for you.

You will love it when you enjoy to stay with friends in an easy and cosy atmosphere. Meals are served and shared family style, Stella is around for conversation, tips and tricks when needed and you‘ll always find a quiet place somewhere.

Outside you‘ll find a tropical garden and the view on Kilimanjaros ice cap is remarkable. If you enjoy you can put up your own tented expedition camp under the huge avocado trees in the garden and have barbecue under the star spangled sky.

female/solo traveler

Traveling by yourself can be challenging, especially as a woman in a conservative country like Tanzania. Let us make it a remarkable journey.

family with kids

We love kids, but neither all tours, nor all hotels are suitable for them. Especially when you want them to roam freely. Places like our Kilimanjaro Lodge are perfect for kids.

on a budget

Tanzania is one of the purest countries yet one of the most expensive to travel in. We have been young before and can give you some tips how to save money

senior adventurer

This is for you when you are still curious to see the world, but do not want to compromise on comfort and individual service and do not mind to spend some more.

You can easily check the availability HERE and contact us directly to get a discount and check if we can also help you with any other travel arrangements.

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