Experience the wonders of the desert and let the dreams of 1001 come true when visiting Morocco

Nowhere you can experience the magical Sahara desert as easy as in Moroccos wild South. Feel at home with friend and create a magic memory for a lifetime to last.

🐪 want to experience the endless desert?

🐪 experience the hospitality and friendliness of your berber hosts

🐪 explore the simplicity of life in the desert

🐪 live in the rhythm of the rising and setting sun for some

🐪 enjoy the unbelievable star spangled sky of the desert

Morocco is one of the most divers countries on Earth and impresses with its beauty. An ideal combination with the wonders of the desert.

Sahara is the biggest desert and the world and consists more than 9”% of rocks.

Therefor you will only find very few large dunes. In Morocco are only two larger sand dunes areas. The wildest and mist fascinating lies in the Zagora regio. between the two desert towns of M‘Hamid Al Rhozlane and Foum Zguit.

For years we are now working with partners in the desert and the rest on Morocco, who will guarantee a first class experience.

Morocco is as divers as a country can be. After years of traveling all over the country we are stills surprised by its hidden wonders.

Morocco is situated at the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The population is made up of Arabic and different Berber tribes.

The different kings cities are as different as they can be and the landscape differs around the 4 mountain ranges:

  • Riff Mountain
  • Middle Atlas
  • High Atlas
  • Antiatlas

We recommend to fly to Marrakesh for the desert tour. If you want to explore more of Morocco you have the following options:

  • king cities
  • surfen inTagazoht
  • Yoga
  • Kitesurfing in Essaouira
  • Atlas and mountain tours
  • Mt Toubkal summit
  • canyons and kasbahs on t(e high Atlas South side
  • luxurious riads in Marrakesh
  • art in Essaouira
  • culture in Meknes and Fes

The prices can vary a lot, especially dependeng on the Hotels and form of transport you choose. You should calculated something around 100€ per day. Let us talk about the details and put together a tour you will love and never forget.

Where are the people?’ resumed the little prince at last. ‘It’s a little lonely in the desert…’ ‘It is lonely when you’re among people, too,’ said the snake.”

the little prince
An unforgettable experience

I joined Florian (owner of Django Tours), 3 fellow travellers and 3 Berbers (indigenous population of the Moroccan desert) in an organized trip through the Sahara. After arriving in Marrakesh, I was picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel which was a nice and also very authentic Morrocan hotel in the city Continue Reading

Why Django.Tours is providing the best value for your money

  • custom tailored for you
  • you will get what you expect and want to afford
  • we work together with different local partners and are therefor flexible on how we combine the tours
  • Florian, one of the owners does the planning via phone with you
  • Stella, one of the owners will take care for you in Tanzania
  • you choose yourself how much you want to be taken care of