If you love to experience Africas beauty and expect to get what you pay for, then you are absolutely right here!

Our service is ideal for you, if:

• you want to experience an individual journey?

• you want to be treated as a friend instead of a customer?

• you don’t want to spend unnecessarily money, but receive what you pay for?

• you like to work with people, whom you can trust?

Custom tailored Africa experiences for you, because what fits everybody might not be the perfect fit for you.

What are you mostly interested in:

One after the other, all together or a combination of the above?

When you tell us we will put together a journey that fits your expectations.

We work together with different local operators, whom we know well and whose quality we control regularly. We don’t need to sell you one specific tour that we offer but instead choose our partners according to your needs.

Tell us what you want here.

How do you prefer to travel?

  • solo
  • in a group
  • tent camping
  • private lodge
  • walking
  • driving
  • adventure
  • budget
  • luxury

We can combine the above in a way that fits your needs and you will experience what you pay for. We believe that each person is unique and worth to be treated uniquely.

We don’t offer one-fits-all-solutions, but personalized experiences. Since we don’t know what you prefer we need to talk to you before we can put together an offer. If you contact us here we will come back to you and talk about your expectations.

Tell us how you like it and we will put together an individual tour for you.

Florian and Stella of Django.Tours are exceptionally committed to serve their clients and realize the most amazing experience possible. Service TOP!

Judith H.
relaxing and wonderful

Staying in Zanzibar was totally relaxing and wonderful. The lodge was set up and decorated in a simple and very tasteful way. The food was Tanzanian style and amazing. It was a great place to just hang out and read in our own space in front of the accomodation. At the same time it was Continue Reading

Why Django.Tours is the best tour company for you:

  • Custom tailored, you will get the tour that you want, not the one that is the easiest to sell.
  • English speaking contact in Europe who will plan the tour and fit it to your needs.
  • Invoice and a European bank account for your payments.
  • English & Swahili speaking contact in Tanzania, who will take care of you.