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What sets DjangoTours apart from other custom travel tours?

When researching travel agents and tour companies, you may come across many that claim to offer custom-tailored solutions, bespoke service, and individual tours. However, upon further investigation, you may find that these options are quite limited, with predetermined routes and group joining dates being the only real choices.

It can be incredibly frustrating to expect a custom-tailored service and end up with the same experience as everyone else, potentially even with others who ordered the same bespoke service. While this can be a fun and entertaining group experience, we believe that it should be advertised as such.

Additionally, we have certain limitations due to regulations by park authorities and the available routes. However, we do offer various options to choose from, such as different routes, climb length, accommodation, service, and group size. Not all options are available to all fitness levels or budgets.

The difficulty lies in clients not always being aware of these differences and having to decide based on marketing material which option to choose. That’s why we prefer to talk to our clients prior to booking. We understand that not all options are available to everyone, and we want to find out about their experience, budget, trigger points, and overall expectations. Absolute transparency helps us evaluate their needs and options, and we can then put together one or two options that are as close as possible to their needs.

Whatever our clients choose to book, there will be a price tag attached to it. We believe that the only way to satisfy our clients is to include services that they are willing to pay for.

Are you planning an individual Africa experience? Contact us here.

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