about us

Our goal is to give you the best experience possible!

Therefor we partner up with friends across Africa to put together a team of trusted people who are willing to go the extra mile, to make you travel journey a lifetime memory:

Estella and Chacha from Tanzania and Florian from Europe.

The founders of Django.Tours

We are the founders and the heart of Django.Tours, Estella und Florian. When you fill out the contact form or book a tour you always communicate with one of us directly.


I am Stella and the face of Django.Tours in Tanzania. I was born in the region of Dodoma (Tanzanias capital) and I am working with Florian since end of 2016.

Until mid 2018 I was managing Florians Hotel in Zanzibar and have seen how service quality can differ and often doesn’t meet the expectations of the guests or isn‘t worth the price.

So it was my dream, which came true with Django.Tours, not to only serve you as a guest in a hotel, but organize your entire trip and adventure to Tanzania. That way I can make sure that this beautiful country is presented from its best perspective and you will have a once in a lifetime Africa experience!

I am convinced that when we meet on a personal level, you will be able to discover a part of the real Africa.

We decided to present no „ready to book“ tours on the website but invite you instead to join a dialogue with us to let us know about your desires, budget and dreams.. That way we can make sure to meet your expectations.

Often money is a limiting factor. Therefore we don‘t see any value in offering (and charging) for things you don‘t want to have.

In the end all the tour operators work with the same local partners and many of the prices are set by official regulations. So be sure that whenever you will get a discount some of services are missing or in the worst case there are hidden costs.

That is why we will ask you what you are willing to pay for and will include exactly that into the offer.

That simpel: custom-tailored!

Welcome to Tanzania, my home. I am thrilled to be there for you.


I am Florian and since I visited Tanzania for the first time in 2014 I am constantly invested in this beautiful country. Since the beginning of 2015 I built, ran and owned a hotel in Zanzibar.

This is how I met Stella who managed my Lodge in Zanzibar before she became my business partner at Django.Tours in Moshi.

I focus to create lasting memories for our guests at Django.Tours. I want you to be excited and have a lifetime experience. Travelling in East Africa can be difficult and daunting. My expectations were often disappointed, but nothing could cloud a cast over the beauties and adventures I experienced in Tanzania. This knowledge I will put in to your trip, so that you have an unforgettable time.

When it matters to you and you want to pay for the extra guidance you can include me to your tour. If not, Stella will be your contact person in Tanzania… but let us talk about that in person.


Philemon Joseph Chacha aka CHACHA is our on ground operator in Northern Tanzania. He has vast experience in guiding and organizing tours in East Africa with a wide skill and knowledge of wildlife (flora and fauna) and excellent communication skills. Chacha has more than 12 years experience in guiding and 7+ years experience in organizing tours.

His company has an excellent reputation in East Africa. When you hike Kilimanjaro you will always work with Chachas guides and when going on Safari Chacha will be your personal guide. Her specialized in climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Mt Ol Doinyo Lengai as different bespoke Safaris.

relaxing and wonderful

Claudia Vet Zanzibar 21/02/2020

Staying in Zanzibar was totally relaxing and wonderful. The lodge was set up and decorated in a simple and very tasteful way. The food was Tanzanian style and amazing. It was a great place to just hang out and read in our own space in front of the accomodation. At the same time it was…

the perfect safari trip

Claudia Vet Safari, Tarangire 21/02/2020

Tarangire was the perfect safari trip for a quick and still exciting encounter with Tanzanian wildlife. The landscape is stunning and we saw lots of elephants, giraffes, gazelles, warthogs, a leopard and colorful birds. Chacha, our guide was very knowledgable and made this trip an unforgettable experience. 

a humbling experience

Claudia Vet Meru 21/02/2020

Climbing Mt Meru was a humbling experience and scary at first as I have never climbed a moutnain that high (6400m). I wasn’t sure what to expect. The guides and their team though were amazing and so knowledgeable that I completely trusted them to guide us up the mountain and back down again safely. The…

I still get goosebumps

Claudia Vet Kilimanjaro 21/02/2020

Looking back on this climb I still get goosebumps reliving this incredible experience. After the exhausting climb of Mt Meru it seemed almost imposible to climb 1600m higher to the top of Africa. The exceptional organisation, the very trustworthy team of guides and the mind-blowing presence of Kilimanscharo itself made this trip an unforgettable and…

An unforgettable experience

Sebastian Sahara 18/02/2020

I joined Florian (owner of Django Tours), 3 fellow travellers and 3 Berbers (indigenous population of the Moroccan desert) in an organized trip through the Sahara. After arriving in Marrakesh, I was picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel which was a nice and also very authentic Morrocan hotel in the city…

Morocco Sahara Tour

Melanie Sahara 18/02/2020

I had a wonderfull Sahara Trip, 5 days trough the Desert. Well organized, fantastic guides and felt always very safe. Communication was perfect. Thanks to Floh and Yaya.

Awesome organisation and very knowledgable guides

Claudi Vet Meru, Kili 18/02/2020

I climbed Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanscharo with Django Tours and it was an unforgettable experience. Both ascents were accompanied by guides who were very confident and knowledgeable about what to expect from the climbs and they prepared us very well. Everybody in the group – porters, cooks and guides were super-friendly, funny and there…


Max 18/02/2020

Our Sahara tour was amazing. Good organization, very competent guides, breathtaking experiences. If you are ready to move off the beaten path and experience something really new and special then this is the place for you. The perfect surrounding made it possible to really enjoy the special impressions. Thanks and keep it up! Max

great adventure

Lisa Tanzania 18/02/2020

I went on a trip with Django tours from Daressalam to Kipili at Lake Tanganyika. We travelled in an offroader through the country and had a great time! The guides always knew the best spots and helped us in getting around safely. If you fancy an individual Tanzania adventure with nice people, you should definitely…

Green plateau, yellow savannah and turqoise water – Tanzania

Judith Medical Doctor Tanzania & Zanzibar 30/10/2019

It has become my second home. I loved the friendly people and diverse landscapes of Tanzania instantly after my first visit 12 years ago. Come and explore on endless adventures this country – you will not get enough, like me, and come back with your friends. Django Tour is the tour operator I would choose…

magic of the desert

Judith Medical Doctor Sahara Marokko 30/10/2019

A footwalk through the diverse landscape of the Sahara, following the rhythm of the camels and getting up with the sun. A meditative journey to yourself with food for thought for reflection by Florian. A recommendation for everyone!


Steffi Medical Doctor Kilimanjaro, Meru, Safari 23/07/2019

This year I went on Mount Meru, Safari and Kilimanjaro with Django.Tours.One of the first things that comes to mind when I think about the trip is: “Freedom”. A very special form of freedom: freedom from everyday life, the constraints of civilization with all modern achievements.On the hikes you are forced to deal with yourself…

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