Welcome to Africa!

If you are looking for a  custom tailored Africa experience, we will go out of our way to put together a tour that you will love.

Focused on Morocco with its rich cultural history and the great outdoors of Atlas mountains and Sahara, Ethiopia the oldest Christian nation of the world with spectacular landscape such as the Simien Mountains or Dalakil and Tanzania with Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro and Serengeti, we will first ask you what you want to experience before we look for the options that meet you needs.

We have quite a simple business strategy:

1. Happy Clients
2. Happy Local Partners
3. Happy Django.Tours Team

When you contact us, we will set up a personal free call with one of the Django.Tours founders and you because YOU is who matters most to us.

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Meet your expectations

Meet your expectations

Are you also tired to pay for things you don‘t want in the first place?

Way too often we meet frustrated clients in on of the most fascinating countries on Earth unable to enjoy their stay because they don‘t get what they expected.

They were sold something they don‘t want, or promised something that could not be delivered and had nobody to address their needs to.
Either because nobody wants to listen or could not speak the language.

We know about these risks and will make sure that you will have an unforgettable African experience.

We are looking forward to discuss your expectations and find out what you expect from your personal African journey.

Imagine you travel with friends

We have traveled ourself to numerous countries and had our best experiences when we were welcomed as friends.

Therefor we will treat you as such from the moment you arrive until your farewell.

tell us what you like

Imagine you travel with friends

Which kind of traveler are you?

female solo traveler

Let us know that you plan to travel on your own, especially when you are a female traveler.

family with young kids

Not all tours and hotels are suitable for kids. Make you you tell us what your kids expect from a truly remarkable journey.

traveler on a budget

When you are traveling on a budget there are a couple of ways to reduce costs especially concerning the accomodation

senior adventurer

This is for you when you are still curious to see the world, but don‘t want to compromise on comfort and individual service.

Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro

We can combine the above in a way that fits your needs and you will experience what you pay for. We believe that each person is unique and worth to be treated uniquely.

We don’t offer one-fits-all-solutions, but personalized experiences. Since we don’t know what you prefer we need to talk to you before we can put together an offer. If you contact us here we will come back to you and talk about your expectations.


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Florian and Stella of Django.Tours are exceptionally committed to serve their clients and realize the most amazing experience possible. Service TOP!

Judith H.

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Staying in Zanzibar was totally relaxing and wonderful. The lodge was set up and decorated in a simple and very tasteful way. The food was Tanzanian style and amazing. It was a great place to just hang out and read in our own space in front of the accomodation. At the same time it was possible to engage with other visitors at the open-air lounge or take part in several nature activities. Especially Stella's talent of having everything well organised and having an eye on everything was remarkable.

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